How’m I doin’

The beginning of October marked six months of the Ladyist Experiment, and ordinarily that would make for a great excuse to reflect on the past few months, and some of the things I’ve discovered while on my media diet. Being that I’ve been terrible at updating this damned thing, it’s three weeks into the month, but what say we pretend that this is all on schedule, eh?

It’s hard to reflect on something that has become everyday, at least to me. After a few weeks of adjustment, the self-imposed confines of the Ladyist Experiment became ordinary. Even now, I find myself looking at a new game, or reading an album review, and suddenly remembering that other people aren’t subject to the same limitations. It might be solipsistic (ok, it is), but that also makes this whole thing easier on me. The first month was like the bargaining stage of grief, where I wracked my brains to find ways I could justify going to see The Lego Movie; now, six months later, it sits on my DVD shelf, but I’m not even a little tempted to watch it. That impulse broke like a fever, and the same happened with other temptations like Guardians of the Galaxy — once the hype cycle passed, and people stopped asking me if I’d seen it, it became easier to shrug and say, “eh, I’ll see it one day”.

That ‘one day’ is less significant to me than most people seem to think. The assumption is that I’ll be raring to get back into dude-heavy pop-culture, that I’ll have Mad Max and AC/DC cued up waiting for me to hit play at 12.01 AM April 1st 2015. I understand where that kind of thinking comes from, but I feel like it misses the point of the Ladyist Experiment. When you do something for a year, you can’t help but be changed by it, and that was always the real goal. To go rushing headlong into all the male-fronted stuff I’ve passed over the moment I cross the finish line would reduce the Ladyist to a year-long bar bet, when it’s got more in common with the decision to become a vegan (that I’ve taken to calling it a ‘media diet’ is no accident).

As it stands, I’ve accumulated such a huge array of Ladyist-friendly books, games and DVDs that I’ll be continuing in the spirit of the Experiment well beyond its advertised end-date, though perhaps with less stringent standards in place. Finding suitable things makes them even more valuable to me for all the sifting I’ve had to do, especially when they come from surprising places: that two out of the four playable characters in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was a pleasant shock for a series that tended towards the hyper-masculine such that it’s sometimes called Broderlands. That’s not to mention the legion of indie comics I’ve found, and the quiet cabals of female devs making inventive games, neither of which I’d have come across if I weren’t forced to look past the AAA titles and same-old superhero titles.

This turned out to be a sober and very serious post, so here’s a bit of the ever-wonderful Cameron Esposito to take the edge off. You should definitely buy her new album, Same Sex Symbol, and listen to her podcast, Wham Bam Pow!.

How’m I doin’

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